Scum Valley by Matthew Ellks

Scum Valley by Mathew Ellks

This book is about the local community of Bondi Beach before the cafe culture took over. It follows the local boardriders through a period of decadence and high times as it began losing its heritage to a relentless stream of yuppies. The story has a David and Goliath twist to it as a rich kid waltzes into town, sets up a surf shop and begins winning friends and influencing people. A staunch local named Dan has a run in with him and eventually opens a rival surf shop in direct competition with the corporate kid. And so starts a feud that divides the community and sets the scene for ongoing battles that are fought in the streets and in the water.

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9 thoughts on “Scum Valley by Matthew Ellks

  1. hey boys when the book is up for book launch….. book the mighty band of West and Doogza
    Don Will Kill is the name
    played the single fin last year and we will not dissapoint.
    book us…..excuse the pun
    go Dan and Matt

    • Hey West…. I am possibly looking at having a book launch towards mid or end of May possibly at the Rats……. I would be stoked for u guys to play…. give us a ring on 0431 135513… thanks mate Ellksy

      • Elksy
        mate we are playing at the rats saturday the sat 30 may…..yew
        hook it up bra
        good work mate
        stay safe

      • Sounds great Paul, have u done a poster for the gig, otherwise maybe I could design one with the book cover, promoting u guys and the launch, whaddya reckon mate?

      • Yeah mate that sounds great
        Doogza and I are totally up for it.
        The band is called
        Don Will Kill
        Bondi’s premiere cover band
        all Locals
        we start the music at 8 sharp and play till 9.30
        then Bluey’s and Adam Gibson and Pete Calhoun’s band come on.they are called the Shark Alarms
        We are headlining but playing first……..age mate
        total Bond I night
        get on it bra
        we’ll already have a full crowd there…yew
        good one Ellksy

      • Hey Matt
        our booking at the rsl..rats is Saturday the 31st may
        not sat 30th as I wrote……sorry i got it wrong
        jump on board Matt it will be cool

      • For sure, are u doing a poster? Lets work together and we can promote the launch with the bands… it will be way cool! Makasi

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